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International American University and Jeju Shinhwa World Join Forces: MOU for Future Hospitality Leaders

On June 19, 2023, Jeju Shinhwa World (JSW) and International American University (IAU) solidified an important partnership to foster future leaders in the hospitality industry. MOU signed to promote unders- tanding in Jeju, South Korea (MoU) marks the beginning of a collabora- tive effort to establish inno- vative programs for the next generation.
The meaningful signing ceremony was held in the conference room of JSW, attended by key represen- tatives including JSW Vice President, Johnny Chen and Assistant Vice Presi- dent, Amanda Ga, and IAU Chairman of Boards, Chae Hong Chung. The par- tnership between the two institutions is a promise to secure the recruitment of internships, the beginning of social life for hospitality management students, and to develop them into com-petitive employees by dif- ferentiating their practical capabilities in hotels and resorts.
Located in Los Angeles, IAU has satellite campuses in San Diego and Irvine, California, and is renowned for providing exceptio-nal education in business and accounting, including hospitality  management. Through this alliance with JSW, IAU has laid the foundation for providing students majoring in hos- pitality management with a wider range of opportu-nities to grow into world leaders in the hospitality industry.
The collaboration between IAU and JSW will create a window for internships and various projects to promote mutual exchange and development between students and staff. This partnership will ulti- mately contribute greatly to cultivating great talent who can lead the future of the hospitality industry.

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